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Real estate know-how in India and Mahindra Antheia, providing the best apartments in Pune.
Every individual dreams about owning his own house as he starts becoming financially independent. The happiness that comes with the ownership of a house is unparalleled and apart from providing an immense self-satisfaction it also provides the sense of stability and stature in a human being. Homes are places where you live your dreams, your abode for starting a loving family and further nurturing it, so as to make your family members remain healthy and happy. Every man’s major occasions in life takes place within the four boundaries of his home and it transcends the position of being just a personal space and shelter from the hazards of nature, but also becomes a very emotional place. A man marries and builds a family inside his house, his children take birth and grow up playing and creating fond memories inside that very house, and his parents grow up and become old and pass away inside the confines of that very house. With events such as important as these a house stops being just a house made of bricks, cement and mortar but becomes something more in the sense that it starts feeling like home. Hence investing in buying a house and hoping to see it turn into a ‘home’ is a very big investment indeed. Therefore investing in matters such as these often becomes a tiring and tedious process for individuals who are willing to take that next step. 

Things to know about Pune and houses in Pune
Pune is a major city in the Indian subcontinent. It is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra and falls on the ninth place as the most populated cities of the country. It is a huge city which can be categorized as a metropolitan owing to its large population. Situated on the Decca Plateau, Pune can undoubtedly be called the Oxford of the East. This name is ascribed to the city owing to the large number of educational institutions that are located in this city. Pune is advancing by the day and so is the real estate business in the city. With a tremendous heritage of the Peshwa Empire Pune had once been the political center of India during the 18th century. That heritage and prestige still reflects in the abundance and architecture of Pune. Owning a home in a city that provides such brilliant historical and present features is nothing short of a dream. 
As has been mentioned earlier, owning a home is not just a simple investment but a huge responsibility and an important decision of a man’s life. The money that a man earns is earned through hard work and dedication and is not to be subjected to waste. Hence it becomes a huge responsibility before someone starts investing in their dream house. Especially in Pune where the costs of living is pretty high, finding a proper house which fits one’s dream and budget can be a real problem. Hence finding the perfect home in Pune requires a lot of knowledge about where to find the best properties.
Things to know before purchasing a real estate property
However, this article will get to that later; before that it should be discussed as to what real estate is and how it is affected and what things should be kept in mind before purchasing real estate. Real estates are properties consisting of land and buildings along with the natural and immovable resources that the land provides. A residential real estate however is one which follows the structure of a single family or multiple families and is mostly provided for residential or business purposes. There are different types of real estates and residential real estates can be classified basing on how each of them is connected to the neighboring residences. A connected residence can singularly be owned by a single entity who can lease it out accordingly to different people or can be separately owned by different people with an agreement which covers the relationship between the connected units and places of common concern. Residential real estates can be classified under Apartments, Multifamily house, Condominium, Terraced House or Cooperatives. 
There are certain things that every individual must keep in mind before the purchase of real estate as they can often be risky and the buyer might not receive what he had paid for. It is very important to check all the licenses and agreements on the land before a purchase is being made. One must check the builder’s legal paperwork starting from the certificate for commencement of work, to approval of building plans along with environmental clearance. Whether the land’s property rights completely belong to the builder and he has complete rights over the property can be checked through the Title Deed and it can be easily verified by a competent lawyer. A simple NOC from the local party doesn’t constitute for a complete clearance from the central authority. Other certificates like release certificate, check encumbrance certificate, verifying the land use and the approvals from local bodies on whether the land falls under a construction zone in the city’s master plan and whether the entire layout has been approved by the local body of the city, along with property tax receipts from the previous owner if it is a resale property must all be kept in mind before making a purchase in real estate. These checks ensure that the land is free from any kind of legal bondage or law and that the buyer doesn’t have to suffer loses or is unable to construct anything on the property owing to it not being released by the bank if it had been leased to get a loan from the bank by the previous owner.
Other important factors to check and keep in mind before one makes the purchase of a real estate property is the total cost that buying the house would accumulate to, because more than often a broker quotes only the basic cost, which when added with developmental fees, service charge etc. can actually be a lot more than the basic cost. Hence knowing the final cost is very important. Apart from this it is also very important to have a thorough background check on the builder since many a times the land in question can be under litigation and thus hamper the buyer’s utility in buying the project. The size of the apartment is another major concern as most of the times only the super built-up area is mentioned buy the builder while mentioning the dynamics of an apartment. The super built-up area also takes into consideration the common areas of the apartment including the staircase or the corridor outside the apartment. The real apartment would therefore obviously be smaller than that mentioned in the super built-up area. Hence it is very important to know the actual carpet area of the apartment as that denotes the original space that the buyer would be getting inside the four walls of his apartment. 
Another important thing to keep in mind is the connectivity and amenities that are available in close vicinity of the real estate property in which a person is investing. Nobody would want to live in the middle of nowhere and call it a home. Hence close proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, transport and convenient stores is a major requisite. Apart from this checking the site of the property is also very important because many a times the site might be completely different from what it appears in the layout. Hence knowing what one is purchasing is very important. The final and most important aspect of buying a real estate property is registering the property with the proper authorities while purchasing it so that the individual becomes the sole and lawful owner of the property he has purchased.

What is the best option for aspiring house owners in Pune?
Keeping all the above mentioned things in mind this article comes back to the query of where to look when finding suitable real estates in the city of Pune. Well worries about this is now entirely over since Mahindra Group has come out with their latest attraction and offering in the field of real estates by providing houses ready for booking in Mahindra Antheia. It is situated in the upcoming suburb of Pimpri-Chinchwad and is located at a prime spot just 5 kilometers by car from the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway. Located amidst the lush green lap of nature Mahindra Antheia is an attraction that is sure to solve the dilemmas of every aspiring homeowner. 
Mahindra Antheia is a dream come true where every individual is provided with amenities that are simply breathtaking. Living in a complex like that is nothing less than a dream come true. Its state of the art infrastructure and lavishly spacious apartments provides individuals respite from living inside brick boxes and experience life as it is meant to experienced; king size. With a fast growing IT hub and all necessary amenities like schools, colleges, hospitals, transport and convenient stores nearby Mahindra Antheia is the ideal choice for homeowners. Starting from 65.25 lacs to 941.6 lacs, Mahindra Antheia provides one with very spacious and luxurious apartments with the most splendid views and amenities at the most competitive prices. Options for house loans from most of the major banks makes this project all the more lucrative to own and show off to one’s friends and family. So aspiring homeowners in Pune should put their thoughts to rest and invest in this brilliant project before it is too late. 

Location: Pimpri
Size:721 - 1740 SQFT
Bedrooms:1/2/3 BHK
Price:67 LACS - 84.59 LACS
Booking Status:Under Construction
Possession:Dec, 2017